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Colorado Construction Contract Lawyers in Colorado

Construction Contracts in Colorado are complex. There are several considerations that come into play when entering into a commercial relationship involving construction. There are real property issues, lending and financing issues, contract law issues, liability considerations, insurance considerations, and statutory construction laws that all must be considered in harmony for a project to be successful. 

There is plenty of information available on the internet to assist landowners, developers, and contractors in contract formation and performance. However, this area of law is very complex. We strongly advise that no matter who you are - whether the owner, developer, contractor, engineer, architect, or subcontractor - to contact a lawyer for advice and representation before you sign any contract or enter into any type of construction agreement. In our experience, if you go cheap and forego legal advice at the contracting stage, you are likely to pay dearly on the back end once litigation ensues. 

At Volpe Law, our experienced Construction litigators are available to assist you now, before and during contract negotiation, to advise you of your risks, propose solutions, and negotiate the contract for you. Please call us today or fill out a consultation request form to learn more.


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