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Guide To The Mycase Client Portal

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a Brief Guide To The Volpe Law Client Portal Through Mycase

Clients of our firm will have a personalized client portal set up for them. It’s accessible 24/7 online and provides a secure environment for us to share case information, billing information, and communicate with you, our clients. Instead of relying on scattered channels of communication (email, phone, text message, snail mail), the client portal becomes our one-and-only platform for communication. We prefer this over email, especially, as our emails get buried on a daily basis. Once set up with a client portal account, you will be able to log into the private and secure portal where we can share calendars, documents, and billing details regarding your case. All of the features within the client portal are intended to save you time and decrease stress, while improving the communication, efficiency, and convenience associated with your case.

Client Portal Features


Accessible by both you and your attorney, the integrated calendar lists all upcoming events relevant to your case. Important dates such as court hearings can be scheduled, along with any other details including a map to the courthouse.


Sharing and Commenting
Similar to the calendar, we can share tasks with you that come with reminders to your email, such as: “organize and upload your medical records to MyCase.Document Sharing and CommentingAll important documents associated with your case file are stored in one secure area and accessible online from anywhere. Avoid faxing, emailing and snail mail by simply uploading your case documents into the client portal, where you and connected staff members will be able to view and access them. Furthermore, each document has a comment feature where we can have a messaging conversation about that specific document, such as “Please review and provide feedback before we file this document with the court – Lawyer” and “Everything looks good and is factually accurate – Client”.


payments via credit card or eCheck
The client portal allows you to view or download any invoices associated with your case, and also make secure online payments via credit card or eCheck. Please review your invoices line by line. It is one of our most consistent ways of communicating case progress to you.


Sensitive and privileged information
Sensitive and privileged information no longer needs to be sent to an unsecured email address. No longer do we need to worry about someone “Replying to all” and sending confidential information to the opposing party. You can easily send secure messages to your attorney or our staff from within the client portal, and all messages will be organized and filed for you. We can also text message you through MyCase. All text messages are neatly filed in your case file.


We pay for MyCase so you can have a better client experience. Being involved in litigation or other high-stakes negotiation is stressful enough. Our goal is to take an organized and streamlined approach to the attorney-client relationship so you do not need to worry about the small things and we can focus on the big things – representing your interests.

client experience

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