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Ben Volpe


I became a lawyer because I wanted to serve people at both the individual and small business level. I was able to experience that in my prior career as a first responder and in government service. Since beginning my pursuit of a law degree, I have been blessed with exceptional legal education and experience, having served clients in wide-ranging areas of law, from civil litigation, trademark, business and construction law, to employment, veterans, and contract law. 

I believe it takes more than knowledge of the law to be a good lawyer. A good lawyer is honest and forthcoming with clients and has a counseling ethos. And, to me, a good lawyer leads with empathy and a customer service mindset. Whether my client is a business or an individual, I am passionate about helping my clients understand their rights, responsibilities, risks, and possibilities.

Professional Associations

Colorado Bar Association 

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My professional background is diverse and essential to my skill set as an attorney today. I began my career working as a community organizer, which led me to Washington D.C. to work for Polaris, a leading anti-trafficking nonprofit. I then transitioned into becoming a marketing and public relations professional within the nonprofit and business sector. My prior background has taught me how to advocate for others and the impact of storytelling, which are powerful tools to have during trial.

After my career as a marketing and public relations professional, I pursued a law degree and focused on gaining practical legal experience during law school. I worked with the Legal Aid Justice Center in Charlottesville, Virginia and the Public Defender Services in Washington, D.C. where I assisted in juvenile and criminal defense matters. I also was a Student Attorney in the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic and the Community Development Clinic during law school. I have a Bachelor's from California State University-Fresno in Nonprofit Administration and Public Policy Advocacy.

I am passionate about movement lawyering. My goal is to make justice affordable and accessible to all people by providing innovative legal services - from legal counseling, to educational workshops, to full representation in court. 

Professional Associations

Colorado Bar Association 

Colorado Criminal Defense Bar 

Colorado Women's Bar Association 

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  • Ben Volpe

    I became a lawyer because I wanted to serve people at both the individual and small business leve...

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    My professional background is diverse and essential to my skill set as an attorney today. I began...

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