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What To Know About Starting A Corporation

Posted June 28, 2024 in Business Law, Contracts

Starting a corporation is an exciting venture for any entrepreneur. It involves more than just a great business idea; it requires careful planning, understanding of legal structures, and strategic decision-making. For those considering this path, knowing the essentials of corporate formation can pave the way for success.

Choose The Right Type Of Corporation

The first step in starting a corporation is deciding which type of corporate structure best fits your business needs. The most common types are the S corporation and the C corporation. Each type offers different tax implications, ownership regulations, and financial commitments. For example, C corporations are taxed separately from their owners, while S corporations allow profits and losses to pass through to the owners’ personal tax returns, avoiding double taxation.

Understand State-Specific Requirements

Corporations are legal entities that must comply with the laws of the state in which they are established. This means understanding and adhering to state-specific requirements regarding incorporation documents, fees, and ongoing compliance like annual reporting and tax obligations.

Drafting Articles Of Incorporation

The creation of articles of incorporation is a fundamental step in the corporate formation process. This document outlines key details of your corporation, such as its name, purpose, stock structure, and the identities of its initial directors. Filing this document with the state’s secretary of state office officially forms your corporation.

Setting Up Internal Agreements

Once your corporation is legally recognized, setting up internal agreements is next. This involves drafting bylaws that govern the corporation’s operations and the shareholder agreement, if applicable. Bylaws set out the rules under which your corporation will operate and detail the process for making decisions, holding meetings, and managing other corporate affairs.

Consulting With A Corporate Lawyer

At this point, it’s wise to consult with your corporate formation lawyer. Our friends at Law Group of Iowa can explain the importance of a qualified legal team. Your lawyer can help ensure that all legal requirements are met, advise on the implications of different corporate structures, and assist with drafting and filing necessary documents. They can also provide valuable advice on potential legal issues and how to avoid them.

Funding Your Corporation

Funding is critical to the success of any new corporation. Initial funding usually comes from the founders, but may also involve seeking investment from venture capitalists or securing loans from financial institutions. It’s important to understand the various funding mechanisms available and the legal implications of each. Detailed financial planning and clear communication with potential investors are essential to secure the necessary capital for your business.

Regular Compliance And Good Governance

Maintaining regular compliance with state and federal laws is crucial for the ongoing success of your corporation. This includes filing annual reports, maintaining accurate records, and meeting tax obligations. Additionally, practicing good governance—such as holding regular board meetings and following the established bylaws—ensures that the corporation operates smoothly and upholds its legal responsibilities.

Get Started With A Lawyer Today

Starting a corporation is a detailed process that requires thoughtful consideration and meticulous planning. By understanding these essentials and consulting with a lawyer, entrepreneurs can position their corporations for long-term success and stability.


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