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Practice Areas Overview

Volpe Law combines the experience, backgrounds, and training of its exceptional attorneys and staff to offer a comprehensive reach of legal services to clients. Our current practice areas fall into three categories:

Litigation & Disputes

If you have been sued or are contemplating suing someone, whether it involves general casualty, financial injury, personal injury, breach of contract, business disputes, or otherwise, please give us a call for a free consultation.

Common types of cases we handle include (but are not limited to):

Construction Disputes

Construction is a very litigious area of law in Colorado. However, many times simple disputes between a homeowner and contractor can be resolved in pre-suit negotiations if both sides have reasonable counsel. We are experienced in helping property owners and contractors alike work through construction disputes to achieve a reasonable settlement, which can result in savings of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees. However, when pre-suit negotiation and mediation fails, we are prepared to bring a lawsuit on your behalf and seek compensation for damages.

Some of the most common lawsuits between contractors and property owners involve, at their most basic level, contract and warranty breaches; negligent construction, design flaws, and defects; mechanics' liens; fraud and bad faith; unjust enrichment or quantum meruit; and/or consumer protection issues. Other disputes often involve payment disputes between contractors and their subcontractors. And, contractors have several defenses available to them when under attack from the owner, which will likely surface in a dispute. If you have a construction dispute, Contact us to see how we can help.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate law, in one form or another, is one of those areas of law most people cannot avoid. At some point in everybody's life, they will sign some form of real estate contract, whether it be for ownership or lease. These contracts will also often signify one of the biggest financial investments or risks you will ever make.

Unfortunately, it is very common for real estate disputes to develop. We handle a variety of real estate disputes, including non-disclosure/concealment, boundary disputes, easement disputes, adverse possession, Homeowner's Association (HOA) disputes, and landlord-tenant disputes. No matter the issue, fill out a consultation request form or give us a call at 720-441-3328 to discuss your options.

Commercial Disputes

Business litigation and commercial litigation are characterized by legal proceedings arising from disputes within businesses and between organizations or other parties over commercial transactions. These types of disputes often involve negotiation and dispute resolution processes before a matter goes to court.

Disputes at the center of business litigation can be both internal to the organization (e.g., a dispute with an employee or between partners) or with external parties (e.g., a dispute with a vendor or client), and often involve some version of a contract breach, breach of duties, theft, fraud, or any other tortious action that harms a business. Business and commercial litigation often involves complex issues and can be time-consuming and expensive to handle. If you have a dispute with someone you hired, with a business, a subcontractor, or with a customer, Contact us immediately to gain legal advice before proceeding or responding to the other side. Fill out a consultation request form or give us a call at 720-441-3328 to discuss your options.

Civil Litigation

No matter what - if you are being damaged financially, emotionally, physically, or otherwise - you may need to contact an attorney to discuss whether the law provides you a remedy. From neighborhood disputes, to animal bites, to retaliatory litigation -- we've seen it all. It's key you act quickly to avoid missing a statute of limitations, losing key evidence, or otherwise. If you have received a demand letter from another attorney or have been served with a civil lawsuit summons, do not hesitate to get help. Please do not DIY this. Fill out a consultation request form or give us a call at 720-441-3328 to discuss your case.

General Counsel

Ever hear the phrase "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"? These are words of wisdom in business law. Spending a few thousand dollars now to mitigate legal risks and liabilities down the road can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in future litigation costs, insurance premiums, and settlements. We pride ourselves in working with fellow business owners to help address and mitigate potential legal risks and craft solutions now, so you don't have to lose sleep over it later. Depending on the industry you find yourself in, a variety of laws and regulations can impact how you do business. Almost every business is beholden to new and burgeoning privacy laws, as well as labor law, partnership law, liability laws, and state or federal regulations.

Gun Trusts

We now offer gun trusts for those who wish to protect their firearms, including NFA regulated firearms.

No matter the issue, fill out a consultation request form or give us a call at 720-441-3328 to discuss your options.

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