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Mechanics' Liens


One of the most common disputes we receive calls about are conflicts between contractors and homeowners. This often leads to the homeowner threatening to not pay the contractor for work or the contractor threatening to record a mechanics' lien against the homeowner's property. Having a mechanics' lien on your property is a serious issue that needs to be resolved. Likewise, not being paid for providing improvements to someone's property is a serious issue affecting a contractor's livelihood. We represent both homeowners and contractors on these issues. If you have a construction or contract dispute involving construction, give us a call to determine how to proceed. If you are a contractor, we can record a mechanics' lien on your behalf and walk you through the process, up through and including foreclosure and breach of contract litigation if needed. If you are a homeowner, we can help you with dispute resolution, up to and including breach of contract litigation, removal of the mechanics' lien, and construction defect litigation, to name a few.

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