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Residential and Commercial Leasing Dispute Attorney in Colorado

Lease agreements in Colorado are the backbone of any tenancy, be it residential or commercial. They lay out the terms and conditions that tenants and landlords must abide by during the lease period. While these agreements should be fair and reasonable for both parties, a tenant or landlord may dispute over the terms or conditions of the lease and how they are implemented or executed. 

At Volpe Law, our real estate lawyer in Colorado handles all types of legal matters related to real estate, including property management & Leasing. There are a lot of terrible property managers and landlords out there. Be one of the good ones. Invest now to avoid litigation later. Contact us at 720-441-3328 to request a Free 15-minute consultation and to learn more about how our legal services will benefit you.

Colorado Residential Lease Issues

Residential lease disputes arise due to several reasons, such as unpaid rent, property damage, lease violations, security deposit issues, and eviction proceedings.

Protect your business and your property by ensuring your lease documents are updated and legal. Protect your tenants by ensuring your contracts are legal and well-written, minimizing the likelihood of disputes. The past couple years in Colorado have brought several changes to landlord-tenant law, and these changed directly affect your leases.

Some of the most hotly litigated leasing issues typically involve:

  • Rent Payment Terms
  • Property Damage: who's responsible for what?
  • Noise, Conduct, and Pets
  • Late Fees
  • Early Termination and Holdover
  • Authorized persons and subleasing
  • Security Deposit Returns
  • Property Insurance issues
  • Warranty of habitability & mold

However, this is not an exhaustive list. Remember that a lease is both a 1) contract and a 2) property right. Contract law applies to leases, but the tenant also has a limited property interest in the dwelling. And, state, municipal, and federal discrimination and housing laws apply. For these reasons, you need to make sure your lease documents are updated, accurate, and legal. 

Another common mistake we see is that landlords provide a tenant with a separate "tenant handbook" or "tenant manual/instructions." It's important you have a lawyer review not just your lease agreement, but also any other documents you're providing to the tenant or making the tenant sign that you don't think are part of the "agreement." Being wrong here can cost you at a landlord/tenant trial.

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Leasing property is a common practice in the real estate industry. Both residential and commercial properties are leased out to tenants for many reasons. Likewise, lease disputes can arise between landlords and tenants for many reasons. Having a lawyer by your side in Colorado can help prevent or appropriately address these types of disputes before they occur. Contact us today by filling out the online form or calling us at 720-441-3328 to request a Free 15-minute consultation.

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