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Landlord Tenant and Lease Dispute Lawyers in Colorado

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Disputes between landlords and their tenants arise for a variety of reasons, and aren't limited to the “nightmare tenant” or “city's worst landlord” coverage that local news outlets like to feature. There are plenty of genuine issues that can arise in the course of a lease that have nothing to do with a tenant trying to get away without paying rent, or with a landlord who refuses to make necessary repairs to the building.

While those kinds of issues do come up, others are even more common:

  • The leased apartment is damaged and the tenant can't use all or part of it as a result;
  • The landlord needs access to the property for legitimate reasons but the tenant refuses to grant it, or the landlord abuses their limited right of access;
  • The tenant is using the leased property for purposes not permitted or not specified in the lease;
  • The tenant subleases all or part of the property in violation of the terms of the lease;
  • Either the tenant or the landlord fails to uphold their obligations to care for the property as required by the lease;
  • The landlord refuses to renew the lease where the lease allows the tenant to do so;
  • The landlord does not return the tenant's security deposit at the end of the lease.

These and other kinds of disputes between a landlord and a tenant can quickly end up in court. But many issues like these can be resolved through negotiation, allowing both parties to avoid the expense and difficulty of going to court. Because we work with Colorado real estate law every day, we know how to negotiate effectively and achieve favorable solutions for our clients. When the parties can't reach an agreement, we'll aggressively represent our client's interests in court.

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