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Boundary Disputes in Colorado

Real Property Boundary Disputes in Colorado

Boundary Dispute Litigation

Boundary disputes are extremely common. Most often, they occur when two neighbors cannot agree where exactly one neighbor's property ends and the other's property begins. They most often come up during the buying and selling of property or new construction on existing property. But they can also arise at other times, such as when a homeowner decides to remove a tree along their property line or install a new fence, or when access to one property requires movement across a neighbor's.

If you're involved in a boundary dispute, whether you're being sued, are considering suing someone else, or looking to find a resolution outside of the courtroom altogether, contact us to request a free consultation.

Some of the most common types of boundary disputes include:

  • Lot line disputes
  • Fence, landscaping, and outbuilding disputes
  • Access disputes
  • Adverse possession claims

Resolving a Boundary Dispute

While boundary disputes can be litigated, resolving the matter through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration is often the more feasible option and a good place to start. We will thoroughly research your case and determine whether the best approach for your situation is to attempt a dispute resolution or proceed with a lawsuit.

To determine the precise boundary of your property, we may review local government documents that provide descriptions, measurements, and other identifying details. In some cases, it's in our clients' best interests to conduct a new survey of the property. Our team will review all the relevant property information and recommend a path forward.

In the event that litigation is the best option, the lawyers at Volpe Law, LLC, are experienced in Colorado's boundary dispute statutes and procedures and understand how to effectively move a boundary dispute through the court system.

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