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Our Fees

Volpe Law offers several options to make our legal services accessible to you.

Fee Structures for Disputes, Mediation, and Litigation

First, we offer free initial consultations--typically over the phone--to discuss your legal concerns and determine whether we will establish an attorney-client relationship to pursue resolution of the issues for which you reached out to us.

Second, we offer paid consultations to provide legal analysis and advice. You may have a concern or need some legal work done, but you are not ready to hire a full-scope attorney. We can set up a time to sit down with you either in person or virtually and give a full review and legal analysis of the issues. This could include review of documents, legal research, and a memo to you giving our legal opinion.

Third, we offer limited scope representation, where we might perform a discrete task for you, such as draft a court document, with the understanding you are self-represented in the case as a whole.

Finally, and most commonly, we offer full scope representation, where we handle your case from start to finish. 

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to fee arrangements. Every client is different and each case or matter is unique. Payment for services can vary from up-front refundable retainers, to direct pay, to flat fees, depending on the complexity of the matter.

Our agreed-upon fee structure will be detailed in a fee agreement that you will sign prior to engaging our firm to provide any services to you.

Fee Structures for Contracts, Transactions, and Negotiations

If you are seeking assistance with a non-litigation or business/transactional matter, contract drafting, or a contract review, it is more likely we can estimate time it will take to complete the matter and offer a flat fee. However, oftentimes a "simple contract review or drafting" realistically turns toward time consuming contract redlining and negotiation, and we may need to have a discussion about whether hourly billing is more appropriate. 

Fees earned are billed regularly with detailed invoices to keep you informed of your attorney's progress on the case.

We Offer Payment Plans

We are excited to offer payment plans through Law Pay's Client Credit Program for those who qualify. If you cannot afford to pay for legal services up front and need a pay later option, please ask about Client Credit.

If you have any more questions about fees, please complete our Consultation Request Form or call us at 720-441-3328.

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